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Upcoming shows

Big Easy Funk Ensemble

The Fairview Pub June 24

The Big Easy Funk Ensemble brings the music of New Orleans back to the mighty Fairview Pub! They will be playing tons of great songs by the Meters, Dr John, Allen Toussaint and many more great artists from Nawlins. Ain't nothin but a Party!!

Big Easy Funk Ensemble

Dragon Boat Festival Sunday June 25

Big Easy Funk Ensemble goes on at 3:30pm @ The World Beat Entertainment Stage.

Big Easy Funk Ensemble

Element Festival August 3-6

Big Easy Funk Ensemble hits the stage Friday August 3rd @ 3:30pm Main Stage. Imagine... a place where the mountains meet the sky. Imagine valleys, forests & untamed wilderness for as far as the eye can see. Imagine endless trails for hiking & mountain biking. Imagine a crisp, clear alpine lake to cool down in during the day, and amazing live music to fill your soul all night long. Well, you needn't only imagine this place anymore. This glorious place, the Snug Lake Amphitheatre, exists in British Columbia, Canada... just 40 km North of Princeton, about 3.5 hours East of Vancouver. Nestled in the highlands of the Okanagan-Similkameen Valley on the Northernmost tip of the Cascade Mountain Range.